creative moving  media projects

sessionismore might be about sport, our projects 

and might also be about us doing what ever we like. 

But that doesn't mean we can't do other stuff - let's say, we can do other stuff, but different.  With taking all our knowledge, our vision and our passion towards your project, we can create things that are different, that are true and personal and out of the normal.

we are doing creative        media            projects

with a focus on moving media
and media that moves.

our style

we are creating not just videos, we are creating concepts made for your vision. 
That means we are going to talk, discuss and inform. We are going to listen. We want to create something for you, with your ideas and goals.
Put together into a concept by us which can be produced by us. From the idea to the product, in one hand. 

as a partner

we are going to be honest, we tell you if we can visualize your vision, your project. 
And if we tell you we can - we are going to create something special. With you and for you. 
We don't care how others do it, how it should be done and that might be the special about us. We create something new with every project we do and all that through our passion. 

(not limited) work styles we provide...

Full projects

From the vision, the idea to a product. All out of one place - able to know which steps are to come and which steps need to come in order to finish a project which is representing the vision. 

Creative Concepts

Only with the right creative concept a creative project is going to be what it is intended to be. It's the beginning for any project and place all creative thoughts are put together into a concept able to be followed and produced. 


Capturing moments, movements and memories. 
For a vision, as raw files, meant for a project. 
We capture it. 


Where the story gets translated into the visual. Where the concept meets the raw material. Where the hidden art takes place. 

brands and companies we worked with

get in contact with us

write us an e-mail an we are getting in touch with you as soon as possible.

The business side of sessionismore runs under the registered name of Sven Schüber. 
A small business out of Freiburg in front of the BlackForest.