We want to give video parts a bigger spotlight and maybe even push riders 
to get back into creating video parts that are worth the name.

we invited 8 riders with their filmmakers to produce their best 100 second video part!
they will have 4 months of filming and editing before the videos need to be sent in. The Videos will then be judged by a big panel of pro wakeboarders, videographers and people of the wakeboard industry to get a fair and meaningful result. 

This contest is about taking the time to create something that will stick,
something that is worth the name video part.

A contest that is about pushing the creative part of wakeboarding.

presented by

Nissan Europe

thanks to @Nissaneurope @autohauswild for making this contest happen 


Katinka Buiting x Max Halm, Tom Franke

Home: Apeldoorn, probably the most boring town in the Netherlands | Homecable: Burnside Cablepark | Stance: Goofy
3 things I like: Ice Cream - always, chilled mornings with nothing to do, first ride of the season with no wetsuit
Music on a Roadtrip:
a summer vibes spotify playlist or something. Don’t ever ask me to pick music haha

Konni Lehndorff x Nicklas Dorfer

Home: Kempen | Homecable: Triolago | Stance: Regular/skinny
3 things I like:
talking about wakeboarding, enjoy little things, sleeping
Music on a Roadtrip:
Minimal techno with good melody

Leon Aulbach x WaketoolzCrew

Home: Landshut | Homecable: Waketoolz Wakepark | Stance: Goofy 6/6

3 things I like: Dogs, Sleep, Photography
Music on a Roadtrip:
Crawling after you - Bass Drum of Death

Leon Illenseer x Christian Jäger

Home: Steinberg am See | Homecable: WildWakeSki | Stance: Goofy
3 things I like:
Butter, Butters and the sound of my wakeboard when it slaps. Place I want to live at for a year: VWC (Valdosta)

Naomi Wetzels x Gino Wetzels

Home: Obspringen | Homecable: Wakepark Roermond | Stance: Goofy
3 Things I like:
avocados, snowboarding and naps
Place I want to life for a year:

Philipp Burkhart x Rebeca Nagel

Home: Dahn | Homecable: Wakeport | Stance: Regular
3 things I like:
Morning sessions with a good crew,
Traveling, watching Netflix on rainy days

Place I want to live at for a year:
Somewhere in Australia

Quique Cornejo x Edgar Piñol

Home: Gava mar | Homecable: OCP | Stance: Regular
3 things I like: Techno, Ice Cream, Girls haha
Rainy session or summer days: Hot hot days

Samy Kautner x Felix Weise  

Home: Sonthofen | Homecable: Wasserskilift Allgäu | Stance: Tight

3 things I like: Beer, reading the BroCode, roadtrips and campfires
Music on a Roadtrip:
Dope Lemon songs

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thoughts behind the contest

for us sessionismore, creating video parts always have been the thing we wanted to do. But even we got into the video situation that's happening right now. Everything needs to be shown immediately, with Instagram the hectic of uploading became a thing. There is no more taking time to create something. No more shooting the whole season, trying a trick 100times until the shot is seriously good, no holding back off the footage to come up with a video part that is worth the name. With that wakeboarding went missing something.

So we want to give video parts a bigger spotlight and maybe even push riders to get back into creating their video parts.
Video parts expresses each athletes riding the most. Video parts are about creativity, about bangers, about style... about a concept behind a video, about a team that wants to put something out there that will be remembered.

it’s about taking time to produce something that will stick!

that's why we are introducing "crafted seconds" - a wakeboard video contest by sessionismore. 

support for this project

with all this being a non profit project, where it is only and truly about pushing wakeboarding - we are hyped to say that 100% of NISSAN Europes support is directly going to every invited team to help produce their best video part and into our prize pool for the top three spots!

So thank you NISSAN. For supporting this. For seeing the potential in wakeboarding. For pushing our sport further. THANK YOU. 

And to every one of you reading this:
have you ever thought of taking your next roadtrip in a NISSAN ? Check their website or local dealer to find your wakeboard car - throw in your stuff, take your friends, turn on your music and head out for a wakeboard road trip! 

where it all comes from 

even thought sessionismore was shaped at many places, on roadtrips and riding at different cables..... we do have a place we call home, a place where all this came and still comes from. 
With Wakepark Tunisee we have one of the most local community supporting cable as our Homespot - with a big focus on pushing the new generation, that is all about good vibes, enjoying the sport, the lifestyle and a cable park that focuses on creative hacks and lines.

Wakepark Tunisee send out invitations to all the invited riders of this contest to check out our homespot - thank you for bringing us together and supporting this project!

Come visit Wakepark Tunisee, it's worth a visit - trust us. 
More Informations on their Website, Instagram or Facebook.