how it started...

It all started with two best friends wakeboarding together - founding a small platform to show their approach on wakeboarding. 
sessionismore grew: with uploading videos, heading on roadtrips, competing at contests, building up a team, organizing kids coaching, handing over the session Awards in 2018 - 
it grew through many different approaches on pushing the sport.

what we are about...

now sessionismore became about creating a space to push 
the creative part of wakeboarding.
it's about our own crafted projects, our ideas - moving images, happenings, sport supporting events and more.
it's about meeting riders and creative minds with whom we can push our sport further - together
it's about supporting projects - that are real and creative.

that is sessionismore.

who we are...

to put it simple,
we are two best friends and everybody who is part.

that's us. 

who is behind the shots...

the main photography on this website and through out our projects is by Kai Strittmatter aka. pap_per_lapapp

"one of the most creative photographer I know" says Sven, with an attempt to describe his style: "He shoots with a different perspective, capturing the vibes as pure and emotional as it gets"

Despite his main focus on people photography, his ability to capture a wakeboard shot is incomparable. Small fun fact - he might be the only photographer in action sports photography shooting without burst shot.

huge thank you for his work! Go check out his real art form

where we come from...

With Wakepark Tunisee we have one of the most local community supporting cable as our Homespot - with a big focus on pushing the new generation, a place that is all about good vibes and enjoying the sport. And a cablepark that focuses on creative hacks and lines.

Come visit Wakepark Tunisee, it's worth a visit - trust us. 
More Informations on their Website, Instagram or Facebook.